Understanding the Unique Russian Blue Cat in 2 Ways

For anyone searching out there a cat with the natural instincts of a “real cat”, then this cat breed is a perfect solution. Think about any natural trait of a cat, those possessed by the wild ones as well as the domesticated ones; playful and cool, high intelligence levels, curious and also cautious, exceptionally good at raising young ones, family love, name all traits of a cat and still find that this blue cat from Russia has them all. The only difference however for the view russian blue cats for sale is that the cat is more close to its human family and uncomfortable in a crowd of cats and this qualifies it to be even a better pet.

Why do people love this breed of cat?

For pet lovers, there are important considerations made before opting to go with a particular pet breed: intelligence, friendly, adaptability, feeding and grooming habits, health considerations and many others. We all would opt for a pet that will come in and blend easily with the rest of the family, one that will be easy to train and one with little or no complications in matters regarding health, grooming, feeding and other handling subjects. For this reason, this cat easily fits into the picture because of its natural characters that make it a favorite for pet lovers. This cat is predictable, prefers routine procedures rather than new challenges and is not aggressive. It is not however welcoming to strangers, as it dislikes strangers mostly new cats so if it is the russian blue cat in the house; it is it alone with no other pet.

The Unique yet Ordinary Cat

Other breeds are close to this oen such as the Korat and British Shorthair in terms of appearance. However, none of these can completely compare to it. From just an ordinary look, there is nothing so unique about the cat but on a closer look while paying close attention, this breed is unique. The cat’s color is blue-gray, although many regard to it as gray, its coat is shiny blue in color and this gives it the blue effect. This coast in previous times was compared to the sealskin and it was being hunted for its northern fur seal, which is rare. This cat comes with expressive eyes, which are yellow for the first 4 months before turning green. It has a long neck that supports its short-wedged head and long skull. The cat, known for its communication to humans mostly through expressions has an upturned mouth makes it look like they are smiling. When it wants to play, the cat will start with gestures that will denote play and humans are supposed to respond by throwing it something that it will go and fetch. When it is bored, or maybe feeling unwell, it will just tuck itself under some sheets and not take its daily procedures. It also poops on the carpet when trying to get the message that its litterbox is dirty for occupation and needs a cleanup. However rude that communication could turn out to be, it always does its best in ensuring that it has gotten its message across.

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How to Live with a Pet Cat

There are a few things that you need to do before you can obtain a decent living space. There is a great deal of effort that goes into the act of acquiring a specific living space and all of your resources need to be maximized in the highest degree possible to guarantee that you get to establish a home that is worthy of your own person. There are a few ways to ensure that this comes to pass. The power that a home wields over its owner and its visitors cannot be overemphasized. We all want to reside in a welcoming space that exudes a great deal of warmth and affection. Be aware of the fact that a home is far more than the items that it possesses. Memory and emotional bonds are required before you can identify yourself with a certain space. There are a few ways to establish this feeling in your new home. A potent way for you to do this is to acquire a pet and live with it in your new location. There are a number of things that you have to do before you can guarantee that you get to live with your new companion in an atmosphere of security. Let’s take a look at a few elements that go into establishing a decent environment for you and your pet cat.

There are a number of things that you have to provide for your cat and chief among these things is food. You need to nourish your new pet to ensure that he / she is healthy enough to socialize and play around with you. There is a distinct need for you to acquire cat formula that is high in protein content to take care of the development of your new pet. Make it a point to prepare the formula yourself to guarantee that it is distilled in a form that is adequate for your companion.

There can be a temptation for you to overfeed your cat especially when you’re someone who does not possess experience when it comes to raising pets. Avoid this temptation and stick to a regular feeding schedule. Feeding your cat about three times a day should be enough to keep him / her satiated. Do not force feed your cats especially when they are young. If you feed them too much formula, kittens can inhale the excess amount and develop pneumonia. This is the last thing that you want to happen.

Taking care of pets requires a lot of work and nothing makes this fact more apparent than the experience that you get when you try to live with a cat. In spite of the effort, there are a number of advantages and rewards to be had. Be committed to raising your pet and you will find a companion who is loyal to you in every way. Going online is a good way for you to look for pets. Try to visit websites like http://www.russianbluelove.com – russian blue kittens to serve your purpose. Be thorough and exhaustive during your research until you find the pet cat that best responds to your predilections.